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Data is power – Dr. Winson Cheung, MD, researcher and oncologist, believes that big data can be used to gather health information more efficiently

Vast amounts of health information are collected across Alberta. This information, called ‘big data,’ is stored in massive databases and includes diverse, de-identified information about many people. A UCalgary team is using this big data to mimic clinical trials. Randomized control trials (RCTs) are the gold standard to evaluate a new cancer drug or treatment. […]

Dr. Paola Neri – Taking control of blood cancer

Multiple myeloma is a type of blood cancer that often evades treatment. UCalgary scientist and medical oncologist Dr. Paola Neri, MD, PhD, is studying the genetic code of multiple myeloma to determine why it is resistant to many current drugs, hoping to find new, better treatments for fighting the disease.  Neri has created a tissue […]

Cancer, aging and DNA

The cells in our bodies rely on the stability of our DNA to survive in a healthy state. When something goes wrong with our DNA, cells are compromised. Usually, the cell will repair itself, but if DNA repair is unsuccessful, this can lead to tissue and organ damage, and sometimes, cancer.  UCalgary researcher Dr. Aditya […]

Developing vaccines against childhood cancers – Dr. Aru Narendran

Vaccines have effectively treated and even eradicated, some of the most devastating infectious diseases. Not only can vaccines protect us from viruses and other pathogens, but they can also train the immune system to recognize and destroy tumour cells. Based on research showing the effectiveness of anticancer vaccines against some adult tumours, pediatric oncologist Dr. Aru […]

Cory Knutson – More than a job

Cory Knutson is a project manager with PCL Construction, the company responsible for the construction of the new Calgary Cancer Centre. “I get to see the building come alive a little more each day.  I get great satisfaction from seeing my ideas and direction transformed into physical installations inside the building,” he says. The construction […]

Winning the battle of the brain

Glioblastoma is a particularly aggressive brain cancer with a very low survival rate. But exciting new research suggests a common vitamin could help patients with glioblastoma. University of Calgary oncologist Dr. Gloria Roldan-Urgoiti, MD, and neuroscientist Dr. Wee Yong, Ph.D., are leading a Phase I-II clinical trial in patients with glioblastoma to evaluate the effectiveness […]

Teaching Compassionate Care

Can compassion in health care be taught? Nursing professor and UCalgary researcher Dr. Shane Sinclair, PhD, says ‘yes,’ but better training is needed. After reviewing current compassion training programs, Sinclair and his team worked with health-care providers and patients to create a benchmark for what encompasses compassion. They then used this information to assess current […]

Calgary’s Clinical Research Contributions

Dr. Jose Monzon explains how clinical trial research that begins at Calgary’s Tom Baker Cancer Centre has the potential to impact cancer patients around the globe. The clinical trials that come to life at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre can change lives beyond Calgary, the province or even Canada. Dr. Jose Monzon knows this from […]

Jim Fiorentini’s Story

Jim Fiorentini shares his story of undergoing immunotherapy in a phase 2 clinical trial led by Dr. Jose Monzon. Throughout 2019, Calgarian Jim Fiorentini underwent a series of operations and tests after finding a lump on his lower back, which turned out to be malignant. While the initial operations were successful, further lesions found in […]