A huge thank you goes out to all those who gave their time to make this video and the OWN.CANCER story come to life:

Our Volunteers

Many of the people you see in this video are Albertans who have faced, or are currently facing cancer, as well as staff and friends and family. We are grateful for their time, vulnerability and generosity.

Daughter Creative

Our agency, based in Calgary, came up with a strong, compelling, emotional brand promise that would live within every single aspect of the campaign, would compel people to give, raise awareness about this new centre and build pride for Calgary, and Alberta. They drew on the Alberta spirit—gritty, determined, brave, confident—to take on this disease and reached out to their community of experts to help us tell this this story in a bold way.


Director, Chris Brown and
Director of Photography, Bryn McCashin

Six Degrees

Composed original score and sound design
Producer, Dan McManus
Composer, Alec Harrison
Sound Engineer, John Iaquinta

Alter Ego

Film Colour and Correction


Editor, Chris Murphy

Wiliam Whites

Provided cameras, lenses, lighting and the rigging equipment


Special effects and final picture

Jason Stang Photography

Still photography for out of home, digital and print ads

JOE Media

Daily footage downloads, storage and transferring of footage.

Just Me Productions

Line producer, Richard Cairns